3 Legal Tips for Teaching Kids How to Drive

The American culture is full of all kinds of family traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Sunday dinners, family reunions, summer camps, and secrete recipes are some of the most time-honored customs practiced around the country; but one of the most influential and memorable American customs is teaching your teenagers how to drive.Unfortunately, letting your teenager get behind the wheel of a car may be illegal under certain circumstances, even if it’s just a few innocent laps in an empty parking lot. In fact, many parents and guardians are breaking the law when they first allow their child to drive, all the while, unaware that they are putting themselves at risk of being charged criminally. If your child is still too young, not legally permitted, and uninsured, you could face criminal charges if you allow them to drive.So before you decide to teach your teenager how to drive, be sure you have all the information you need to stay legal while doing it. After all, it is a time that should be thoroughly enjoyed, and a memory that should be revered. Continue reading to learn 3 tips that will help you make your moment permissible under law.1. Obtain Legal Driving CertificationIf you are teaching your child how to drive before they take a drivers’ education course, be sure to get them legally licensed to drive. Under a certain age, a teenager can receive their Learners’ Permit, which allows them to legally drive as long as there is a licensed adult who is at least 25 years old (varies depending on state) in the vehicle with them at all times. The age limit and requirements for obtaining a learners’ permit varies from state to state. Check with your local DMV for information specific to your city of residence.For example, In Indiana:

15 year olds who are enrolled in a drivers’ education program can obtain a learner’s permit;

16 year olds who are NOT enrolled in a drivers’ education program can obtain a learner’s permit;

Teenagers who are 16 years and 90 days old, and have completed a drivers’ education program, can obtain a probationary drivers’ license;

Teenagers who are 16 years and 270 days old, and have NOT completed a drivers’ education program, can obtain a probationary drivers’ license;

An 18 year-old can obtain a full unrestricted driver’s license.

Source: Indiana DMV2. Get Insurance CoverageAfter your teenager is permitted to driver under law, you still need to obtain proper insurance coverage through a valid automotive insurance provider. The policy must be active for it to be legal. Although many states do not require coverage during the learners’ permit phase, it is mandatory everywhere once a provisional license is obtained. Check with your local DMV for specific insurance requirements in your state.3. Get Your Traffic Laws StraightThe driving laws have changed quite a bit since you learned how to drive, most likely anyway. So before you begin teaching your young one how to drive, be sure to brush up on the current traffic laws. Not only have traffic laws changed, but restrictions for certain types of driving licenses have too. Know all of this information so that you do not pass on inaccurate driving knowledge to your teen driver.

FarmVille Tips – How Being an Official FarmVille Fan Can Improve Your Game

If you been playing FarmVille for awhile, you most likely have noticed all the many reminders and encouragements showing up all over your game screen to become an official FarmVille Fan. Well like those advertisements, I too encourage you to sign up and become a FarmVille Fan. For I have found over time there are many advantages of being an official fan of FarmVille.Taking the Plunge and Signing UpTo take advantage of this and become a fan just head over to the official FarmVille page and click on the “Become a Fan” option. After signing up you will notice that FarmVille was automatically added to your page listing in your profile, and additionally shows posts from the FarmVille page in your live feed. Now some of you may argue that you don’t need more post on your live feed, but trust me for there are many other benefits of being a registered fan and besides at least their post are usually helpful, unlike probably some of the other posts in your feed.What Type of Information to ExpectObviously most of the posts will be in regards to new features they will be adding to the FarmVille game in the near future. In addition you will periodically find links to other related sources, such as a weekly Podcasts which also provides game development updates and how to gain the most from them. FarmVille Fans also learn that offers from other sites offering FarmVille Cash giveaways and/or free specialty items are not officially sanctioned.FarmVille Fan ExclusivesRecently there have been some sweet benefits reserved exclusively for official FarmVille Fans. Fans often enjoy the benefit of trying out a new crop or other cool new features before they are released to the general FarmVille population. Super Pumpkins and the 24 x 24 land expansions were just two of the perks FarmVille Fans recently enjoyed via early access. Now while having access to new features before they are released to the FarmVille public is way cool in its self, fans often find they also provide more benefits in a variety of ways that are not found in items available to the general FarmVille community.Take for example, the Super Pumpkin, which was released by FarmVille in celebration of exceeding over 15 million FarmVille Fans on their Facebook page, ended up achieving greater earnings and experience point profile than most all other crops in the FarmVille game. Super Pumpkins is just one great example of why it pays to be an official fan of FarmVille, as they were able to have longer access to them and experienced a much larger bonus compared to other players who were not fans.Even More BenefitsFarmVille players who are not official fans will not receive the opportunity to send gifts, nor will they be privy to certain other exclusive updates and information only available to FarmVille Fans. Heck as an official fan you can even request FarmVille to notify you via email when your crops are ready to be harvested.So after reading this article do you think becoming a FarmVille Fan might improve your FarmVille game? So what are you waiting for, go ahead, sign up to become an official fan of FarmVille and enjoy your many perks!