10 Tips to Help Improve Your Golf Game

Top 10 Golf TipsRegardless if you’re new to the game or if you consider yourself a seasoned player, a few helpful golf tips will always come in handy. No one is born with a club in their hand and very few players will actually say that golfing comes natural for them, unless they just don’t want anyone to know how hard they actually worked to get to their playing level. Golf takes time, practice and patience and it certainly is a game where there is always something new to learn. Below are the top 10 tips for golf that can be applied to any game.1. Neutral Grip – This has to be one of the most important things to learn in the game of golf. If you hold your club too tight or too loose, your ball has a very slim chance of actually traveling straight. A neutral grip is something you can work on even when you’re at home. Ideally, your hands will just connect your club to your arms without having an effect on your swing.2. Keep Your Head Still – Most people will tell you to keep your eye on the ball and while that is fairly sound advice, you can still move your head while looking at the ball. Even the smallest movement will alter your swing and influence the direction of where your ball travels. Your head is a pivot point that remains stationary, even when the rest of your body turns.3. Evaluate Your Posture – Surely your parents told you to stand up straight a time or two? Could it be that they were helping to prepare you to become a better golfer? If you have sloppy posture, rounded shoulders and a weak frame, you are going to struggle with your game no matter how often you practice. Ideally, your chest will be dropped, not due to slouching over but because your pelvis is tilted upward. Make a point to become more conscious of your posture throughout the day.4. Keep Your Balance – Yoga for golfers? If you haven’t heard of the benefits, it just hasn’t caught on in your area yet. You don’t have to enroll in yoga classes to fix your balance issues when you swing the club. Taking a few minutes out of your day to do a few poses at home will go a long way. They will even help with your posture and your mental game as well.5. Practice with all of Your Clubs – It can be tempting to only practice with your favorite driver when you’re at the range but what are you going to do with the rest of your game? Your drive will only get you so far, at some point you’re going to have to practice your short game and putting as well.6. Don’t Slow Down – A shocking number of golfers have the habit of slowing down before they make contact with the ball. Why? The ball is not going to explode on contact from your powerful swing. You have to finish your entire swing to create an arc or your ball won’t get enough air to get much distance.7. Align Your Body Properly – How your body is lined up in relation to the ball and your target is crucial. This is one of those golf tips that really requires a lot of practice. Your body should be square and parallel to the ball yet lined up just to the left of your target.8. Fluid Club Movement – From the takeaway to the backswing through the downswing and to the follow through, the movement should be fluid and graceful. Have someone record your swing for you on your phone and evaluate the movement. Does it look awkward or bumpy? It certainly shouldn’t.9. Learn to Read the Green – If you’re racking up strokes every time you get to the green, your putting may not be your whole problem. The slope and distance play huge roles but so does the time of day. Is the grass wet from morning dew or from being watered? If so, the ball will roll a lot slower.10. Lead with Your Hips – You don’t get the power for those long drives from your arms, in a proper golf swing it actually comes from the hips. Your hips start your downswing which changes your weight distribution and the rest of your body follows behind.Golf tips will only get you so far, you need to practice and address any issues you have with your technique. It can be uncomfortable to change things sometimes but if you practice the wrong way every day, all you’re doing is reinforcing your bad habits.